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1. Extrel Pentaquadrupole QqQqQ – The only one of its kind!

The ThoMSon Lab is best known as “The home of the pentaquadrupole”. The instrument employs an ion source, two “full ion transmission” reaction quadrupoles, known as ion-focusing or “rf-only” quadrupoles (q2 and q4), and three independently operable mass-analyzing quadrupoles (Q1, Q3, and Q5). The “on-line” tandem-in-space arrangement of these ¾ inches high-transmission and efficiency Q and q allows the study of reactions of mass-selected ions that occur in sequence in two separate reaction regions by using three stages of mass analysis. The pentaquadrupole is also particularly useful for multiple-stage MS, because it allows the full range (all 15 types) of MS3 experiments to be easily accessed. The pentaquadrupole software has been developed in-house.

See our publication #23 and #30 for the general concepts, advantages, and applications of pentaquadrupole mass spectrometry and of a variety of pentaquadrupole multidimensional triple-stage (MS3) scans as applied to the study of gas-phase ion/molecule reactions. An overview is presented of the development and the present stage of triple-stage pentaquadrupole mass spectrometry, and examples of successful applications of 'QqQqQ-MS' in revealing, elucidating, and helping to consolidate new classes of gas-phase ion/molecule reactions are summarized. The variety of features and advantages that make pentaquadrupoles most suitable laboratories for studies of ion/molecule reactions, and the exceptional gains in chemical information and selectivity of QqQqQ-MS are also discussed.