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3.Waters SYNAPT T-Wave Ion Mobility HDMS

Waters SYNAPT™ Mass Spectrometry Systems, unlike conventional instruments, SYNAPT MS Systems provide both applications specific solutions to meet your requirements today, enables the analysis of samples differentiated by size and shape, as well as mass, to deliver increased specificity and sample definition beyond that achievable by conventional mass spectrometers.
The SYNAPT™ System is a flexible research platform providing:

HDMS mode expands your capabilities beyond conventional MS:

Triwave™ Technology: Provides access to the unique benefits of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS), conformational studies, reducing sample complexity, and enhanced fragmentation

Time aligned parallel (TAP) fragmentation: Provides comprehensive structural (MS/MS/MS) information in a single experiment

High duty cycle (HDC) mode: Enables significant sensitivity enhancements over a wide m/z range

DriftScope™ Software mobility environment: For interactive visualization and manipulation of multidimensional data

TOF mode for routine qualitative and quantitative exact mass UPLC® /MS/MS:

Exact mass: 2 ppm RMS

High resolution: Over 17,500 FWHM

High sensitivity: Class-leading sensitivity, which features

Enhanced duty cycle (EDC) capability for maximum duty cycle over specified m/z range

Dynamic range: > 4 orders of linearity