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2. Thermo LTQ – FT –Ultra

The LTQ FT Ultra delivers unprecedented analytical power for the most demanding applications. The unmatched mass accuracy eliminates false positive identifications in bottom-up and middle-down proteomics and enables the unambiguous identification of unknown analytes with on-line LC-MSn at any concentration. Ultra high resolution is essential for the analysis of complex samples such as crude oil, Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) or intact proteins.

LTQ FT Ultra mass spectrometer is the next generation hybrid FTICR featuring a novel ICR cell design, the Ultra Cell. This cell design produces enhanced sensitivity and greater dynamic range. The linear excitation characteristics of the cell allow larger cyclotron radii which significantly reduces space charge effects. These performance gains are achieved without the costs and difficulties associated with a higher field magnet.


Attomole sensitivity

Widest dynamic range ( > 4,000)

ppb mass accuracy

Resolution > 750,000

Automatic Gain Control – concentration independent ppb mass accuracy with space charge control

Parrallel Acquisition – unmatched data dependant acquisition speed

ECD and IRMPD – detailed characterization of peptides and proteins

Fast Scan Rate with High Resolution – compatible with LC timescale

Automated Optimization and Acquisition – simplified operation