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6. Schimadzu MonoQ LC-MS 2010 EV

The LCMS-2010Evolution is an updated, slimmer model that inherits the great performance of the LCMS-2010Advanced. This leading-edge MS technology achieves high sensitivity, high stability, and a high scan speed.

The sample introduced from the HPLC is ionized by the atmospheric-pressure ionization (API) probe and then introduced by the CDL into a vacuum.

The ionized sample is introduced into the vacuum via the CDL that is inclined at 90° to the spray. The Qarray, comprising highfrequency lenses arranged in three stages, efficiently converges the sample onto the tip of the skimmer, where the octopole enters.

The sample is separated according to a mass/charge ratio (m/z) by a quadrupole massfilter with pre-rods and is then detected by the secondary electron multiplier tube.

The detected ion signals are amplified before processing by the LCMS solution data-processing software.